When is the Right Time to Change Payroll Provider?

Selecting the Right Payroll Provider

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Just because your current payroll provider is not meeting your business requirements doesn’t mean they can’t, says SARAH DALY


Are you getting all of the payroll services that you want? If not, have you asked your payroll provider if they can provide the additional information that you need?


Over the years, many GroForth payroll clients initially contacted us because they were not satisfied with their existing payroll provider. From experience, I have learned that poor communication is often a factor in their dissatisfaction. So, before advising any business owner to switch to a new payroll provider, I always encourage them to list the services that they want which their current payroll provider is not delivering. When you are clear about your requirements, you can then ask your payroll operator if they can provide the additional services. Often, the answer will be ‘yes’. The payroll operator simply does not know that you require this additional information.

What if your existing provider does not have the resources or skills to deliver the additional payroll services you require?


Sometimes, however, your payroll provider may not have the resources to deliver the services you need. So, while good communication can overcome many problems, it won’t always cure everything.


Revenue’s PAYE Modernisation project has made keeping payroll accurate and up to date absolutely critical both to minimise the risk of expensive payroll errors and to avoid penalties and fines. The more employees you have, the more complex and time-consuming it becomes to operate payroll correctly.


In a growing business, it is common to reach a point where it’s no longer efficient or cost-effective to rely on a part-time payroll service provider and many businesses cannot afford to recruit, train and retain an in-house payroll team. If you find yourself in this situation, then it’s time to find a new service provider.


Questions to look at when evaluating potential payroll service providers include —


  • Are they properly qualified?
  • Do they invest in training to ensure that their payroll operators keep up to date with the latest rules and regulations?
  • Have they staff available to cover if the person who usually operates your payroll is on leave or absent through illness?


In previous articles, we have shared information on how to check your payroll provider’s qualification and what to consider when thinking about outsourcing payroll.

Benefits of working with an experienced payroll provider


The advantage of working with an experienced payroll service provider like GroForth is that it minimises stress and gives you confidence that you are running your payroll correctly. Our team can often spot potential problems before they develop and will alert you so that you can investigate and resolve these issues without delay. If you would like to find out more about our services, you’ll find details on our Payroll Services webpage.

When is the right time to change your payroll provider?


I am often asked about the best time to change payroll provider. The last quarter of the year is not the ideal time as it can lead to operational complications at year-end. However, Q4 is a good time to research potential providers so that you are ready to switch early next year if necessary.


So, in summary, now is the time to review your existing payroll support, discuss any shortcomings with your current provider and check whether they can provide the additional services you require. If they are not able to meet your needs, Q4 is a good time to identify other potential payroll service providers and plan ahead so that you are ready to change to a new provider in the New Year.


For information on the payroll supports that GroForth provides, please check our Payroll Services page or contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

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