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Payroll Modernisation took effect at the beginning of 2019, and brought significant changes to the payroll system in Ireland.  Here are a few changes that both employers and employees may notice.

Elimination of Form P35

Employers are no longer required to file an annual return for their payroll.  Employers are now required to make payroll submissions at the time they pay their employees.  Because these submissions are made in real time, Revenue will already have the information they need at year end and there is no requirement to make any additional submissions.

Elimination of Form P60 and P45

Employees will no longer receive a P60 at the end of each year.  Instead, all the information that would have been included on a P60 is now available through Revenue’s MyAccount service. 

Similarly, when an employee leaves a job, they no longer receive a P45.  Instead, the employer will report the leaving date to Revenue through a payroll submission and the details of that employment will also be available through Revenue’s MyAccount service.

If your employee asks for a P60 or P45, you can direct them to log in to their MyAccount here.

If they are unable to create an account, Revenue’s PAYE phone helpline number is: 01 738 3636.

Payroll is a constantly evolving area and can be surprisingly complex. The experienced team at GroForth can help – we use the most compliant payroll software solutions and keep constantly up to date with payroll regulations, so you don’t have to. Email us at or ring our office on 01 905 9436.

Nikki Johns, Payroll Manager

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