How to Best Deal with a Revenue Letter

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Act – allow your accountant or bookkeeper to help you deal with that dreaded Revenue letter.

A letter from Revenue strikes fear into the heart of most but for most, this fear is irrational. If you take a measured, active approach there is no need to worry. When such a letter arrives take a deep breath and follow the steps of engagement below:

  1. Breath and then breath again.
  2. Read the letter.
  3. Reread the letter aloud, an action that will focus your attention and give you a deeper understanding of what is being asked of you. This is a simple yet effective way to reduce panic.
  4. Once you understand what the letter is in reference to, take note of who it is from – their name, number and email address. Know what you are dealing with and who you are dealing with.
  5. At this point there are two avenues available to you:
  6. Contact Revenue directly asking what exactly they require and how best to get this information to them.
  7. Contact your accountant or bookkeeper and ask them to help you, after all, they are the professionals and have all the tools and knowledge in their arsenal to deal with Revenue quickly and forthrightly.

By following the steps outlined above Revenue will know that you have received their letter and are dealing with it. Know that Revenue wants to engage with you and resolve all situations as quickly as possible.

If for whatever reason you choose to contact your accountant or bookkeeper and ask them to deal with Revenue do so quickly and ensure that they not only deal with the situation actively but keep you in the loop throughout the process.

Revenue first and foremost want to open a dialogue, if you simply ignore a letter from them due to fear or panic this dialogue cannot begin. Your preparation cannot begin, be it for a simple query or an audit. If you act and open and maintain that dialogue you will soon see that when dealt with head on, most issues can be resolved swiftly and painlessly.

Remember your accountant and bookkeeper are professionals and as such they are best placed to help you with any queries from Revenue. They can actively deal with Revenue on your behalf or advise you how best to deal with them yourself. They are there for you, engage with them as soon as you can and not a week before a deadline.

Preparation is key, and knowledge is power. Allow the professionals to take the reins. They know Revenue and they know you. Trust them.

We hope the tips mentioned above will help you make better decisions. If you have any questions, drop us a quick email on

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