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Reportable Benefits

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With mandatory reporting of certain employee benefits due to come into force on 1 January 2024, we take a look at the reportable benefits that will be affected.

In our last blog, we explained how mandatory reporting of certain benefits paid to employees and directors is due to come into effect on 1 January 2024. These enhanced reporting requirements apply to the following three reportable benefits:

  • Small benefit exemption
  • Remote working daily allowance
  • Travel and subsistence

If you make any of these payments to your employees or directors, you will need submit certain information to Revenue on or before the payment date.

What information will Revenue require?

Under existing tax legislation, each time you pay your employees and directors, you have to submit payroll details to Revenue. These details include pay, tax, USC and PRSI deductions, as well as taxable benefits, pension contributions and redundancy payments.

The enhanced reporting requirements extend this reporting obligation to three tax-exempt ‘reportable benefits’. Specific information required in respect of these benefits includes:—

  • Small Benefit Exemption – the details must include the date paid and the value of the benefit.
  • Remote Working Daily Allowance — you will need to report the total number of days as well as the date paid and the value of the benefit.
  • Travel and Subsistence — you must include the date paid and amount of each payment in respect of vouched and untouched travel and subsistence, benefits for site-based employees, emergency travel payments and eating on site benefits.

Submitting reportable benefits data to Revenue

We don’t yet have detailed information about the submission process however Revenue have said they will issue comprehensive guidance in due course.

Submissions will be via the Revenue Online Service (ROS). We know that Revenue is engaging with software providers so we expect that it will be possible to make submissions via file upload. Revenue have also said it will be possible to manually submit ERR details.

Further information on the enhanced reporting requirements, along with links to relevant Revenue guidance, can be found on the Revenue website.

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