Get a Handle on Payroll – Advantages of Using Payroll Software

Advantages of Payroll Software

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(6) Advantages of Using Payroll Software


Anyone running payroll will tell you there is a lot more to the job than meets the eye! It’s not just a matter of calculating wages and dealing with internal departments to ensure that you get the information you need on time — whether it’s information on overtime payments, holiday pay, sick pay or bonuses, new starters or leavers—it’s also dealing with employee queries and compiling, maintaining and reporting payroll information to comply with Revenue and employment law requirements.


There are a lot of advantages to using payroll software to manage these time-consuming tasks. Today, most payroll solutions are designed to:


  • Make it faster and easier to calculate pay
  • Manage bonuses, expenses
  • Generate payslips
  • Communicate with Revenue in real time and enable Revenue Payment Notifications and other relevant data to be automatically downloaded
  • Store payslips and data securely
  • Provide 24/7 access to relevant information for you and your employees
  • Improve reporting for both you and your employees


For most of our clients at GroForth, payroll software has become an essential tool, helping to automate time consuming processes and cut down on the risk of human error. Examples of the solutions our clients are using include BrightPay, Sage and Thesaurus Connect.


Need help operating your payroll? Contact GroForth for details of our payroll services.

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