Changing your payroll service provider

Changing your payroll service provider

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There are a lot of advantages to working with an experienced payroll service provider. It saves time, reduces stress and gives you confidence that you are running your payroll correctly.

But what do you do if your current provider is not able to supply the level of service that you require?

This could be because your business is growing and your needs are becoming more complex—or it might simply be that your payroll provider doesn’t realise they are not meeting your requirements.

It’s important to get to the root of the problem before deciding to switch to a new provider. So, start by having a chat with your existing service and see if they can step up their offering. If it turns out that you have outgrown them, now is a good time to research other options with a view to switching to a new payroll service at the start of the New Year.

Finding a new payroll service provider

Previously on this blog we shared a checklist of what to look for when choosing a new payroll service provider. Some of the basics include checking:

  • Are they properly qualified? (See our tips on how to check your payroll provider’s qualification)
  • Do they invest in training to ensure that their payroll operators keep up to date with the latest rules and regulations?
  • Have they staff available to cover if the person who usually operates your payroll is on leave or absent through illness?

As well as streamlining your payroll process, a good payroll service will ensure that you keep up with all the latest payroll developments. They will also help you spot potential problems before they develop so that you can investigate and resolve these issues without delay.

Choosing the right time to change your payroll provider

In terms of timing, while the last quarter of the year is a good time to research your options, it’s advisable to delay switching to a new provider until the start of the New Year. This will help avoid operational complications at year-end.

Need help?

GroForth provides payroll support for a wide range of businesses across Ireland. If you would like to find out more about our services, please check our Payroll Services page and/or contact a member of our team.

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