Cashflow Management

Worried about running out of cash?

Need to improve working capital?

Want to make better financial decisions?

Without access to cash, you will not be able to achieve your business objectives. GroForth helps you build a strong discipline around cashflow management. Our team will monitor, analyse and help you to optimise your cash management processes and ensure that you have timely, accurate data at your fingertips when you are making business decisions.

Our Cashflow Services Include


  • Risk analysis
  • Sales pipeline / income monitoring
  • Expenditure monitoring
  • Projections
  • Business planning
  • Working capital management

We can also provide bespoke services tailored to the unique needs of your business

Benefits of Outsourcing Cash Flow Management

There can be various reasons why businesses need to outsource their cashflow management. It may be that a business is growing but doesn’t yet have the resources to hire a financial controller, or it could be that its finance team lack the skills needed.


When you outsource your cash management to GroForth, you gain access to our experienced team of ACCA certified accountants. Other advantages include:



  • Accurate information: We will help you anticipate when cash will be needed so that you can prepare to have resources in place on time.
  • Working capital: We will help you identify opportunities to improve your working capital which in turn can help improve your resilience and provide capital for future development and growth.
  • Credit Control: We will help ensure your invoices are raised promptly and that late payments are followed up.
  • Decision making: We will help you improve decision making by enhancing your short and long-term cash forecasting
  • Cash management procedures: We will provide advice for your team on how to improve your internal cash management procedures.


Cashflow management is how you control and track the money that flows in and out of your business.

It is important because it helps to keep your business running smoothly. Businesses that run out of cash find themselves in trouble very quickly and many do not survive.

Cashflow is the money that flows in when customers pay their invoices and flows out when you pay wages, suppliers and so on. When you make a sale and raise an invoice, the money left over after you have deducted the cost of the sale is your profit. However, until your customer pays the invoice, the ‘profit’ only exists on paper. It is important to understand the difference between cash and profit as it is possible to be profitable but run out of cash.

Controlling costs, having good procedures for credit control like issuing invoices on time and chasing late payments, monitoring stock levels and ensuring that you do not have too much stock on hand — these are examples of the kinds of actions that can improve cashflow management.


Aileen O'Meara
Aileen O'MearaAileen O'Meara Media Ltd.
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”From the time that GroForth took over the books of my small business, I have had all my returns on time, I know exactly what my profits are, and where my main revenue stream is. Not only are they helpful and understanding of a non-mathematically minded person like myself, they make my accounts clear and accessible. I highly recommend GroForth to act as an external accounts department and provide accounts consultancy.”
Sabine Louët
Sabine LouëtFounder & CEO
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“I have had the privilege of benefiting from the wisdom and strategic advice from GroForth outsource finance department services over the past few years. The service has delivered over and beyond my expectations in terms of continuous support in my decision making. No other firm of that nature provides such a personal service, with attention to detail and an ability to bring business isues into a wider context, to help decision making.”
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