Back Office Support for Accountants

Do you want to increase your firm’s capacity without hiring additional staff?

Do your clients struggle with bookkeeping or need help to keep their business records up to date?

Are you spending too much time chasing missing documentation or finding and resolving errors?


Time is usually the number one challenge for accounting firms. GroForth’s back office services are designed to free you from time-consuming, low-value tasks like chasing missing receipts so that you can concentrate on developing and growing your practice.

GroForth Services for Accountants

We offer everything from basic bookkeeping, payroll and management accounting support to data analysis and reports. Our services include:


  • Chasing missing receipts and documentation
  • Finding and resolving inconsistencies,
  • Reconciling balance sheets,
  • Checking profit and loss accounts,
  • Ensuring fixed assets are correctly recorded,
  • Bank reconciliations,
  • Payroll support,
  • Issuing RCT reminders,
  • Generating management reports

Accounting Firms We Work With

We work with accounting firms across Ireland, saving accountants time by improving the accuracy and consistency of their clients’ record keeping.

Accounting Firm FAQs

As part of the monthly service, we liaise with you, or with your clients on your behalf, to acquire the necessary paperwork to complete our work. If something is missing, such as a receipt, we do the chasing, so you don’t have to worry about it. Documents supplied by your client are submitted to us either online via an app or by post to our offices. We scan and digitise everything through to our cloud solution no document is left unturned.

  • Time: By freeing you from mundane tasks, we give you more time to focus on your business.
  • Accuracy: By streamlining processes and ensuring that records are kept up to date, we enable you to access accurate, timely information about each client’s financial position 24/7. This allows you to be more confident when giving advice.
  • Cloud accounting support: We support most of the well known cloud-based solutions including Xero and SortMyBooks.
  • Capacity / Savings: Smaller accounting firms often find it difficult to compete for talent or worry that they may not be able to generate enough new business to offset the cost of hiring staff. GroForth helps firms address these concerns by providing you with additional capacity without the need to recruit additional staff. This means you don’t have to worry about providing salaries and training. You also avoid having to provide technology and office equipment for an in-house team.
  • Work/Life Balance: Access to accurate records means fewer late nights reconciling accounts ahead of tax deadlines.

At GroForth, the protection of clients’ data is our top priority. All of our systems and files are protected to the highest of standards and we regularly undergo audits and reviews to ensure that we are adhering to these protocols.

Aside from necessary meetings where an issue is identified in the accounts, we will meet with you every three months to discuss each client and provide you with our insights. This enables you to make well informed decisions about the advice to be delivered at your next consultation with the client.

If you find yourself facing capacity issues in the coming weeks, and need a hand, GroForth would be delighted to help. Contact us for details on our specialist support services for accounting firms.

Email or ring our office on +353 1 9059436

Thank you in advance for contacting me.

– Sarah 

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