Accounts and Marketing go Hand in Hand

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You’re excited to start a business. Or maybe you’ve already started your business and decided it was time to focus on its growth. You decide to do the accounts by yourself and use the money for marketing purposes. All well and good but then comes the time to do the final year accounts. You realise your accounts are going to cost you a lot more than expected, and, on top of that, there are a number of unforeseen issues.

Although you did all the work correctly, you never took the time out to get proper guidance. Why is that? If you’re afraid that your idea could be stolen, just have your accountant or business advisor sign a confidentiality agreement. We have our potential clients sign a confidentiality agreement at our first meeting to allay any concerns they may have.

Accounts and Marketing go hand in hand. We ask the business owners what information they would like to know on a monthly basis and we also ask what information would help their marketing teams. When we start the accounts, we are able to advise the business owners where they are making the best margin or/and where they are making the most profits in their business. This helps with better decisions being made in the marketing department as to what product or service needs to be promoted more often.

Businesses spend money on marketing software but will not spend €20 – €50 on an accounts package. Having an accounts software package would make your life so much easier and help with getting all the relevant information for the marketing team. It also makes the process of issuing sales invoices easier and running the business taxes easier i.e. VAT, Intrastat, VIES.

“Set aside your inner critic and give yourself permission to think big – I mean really big, bigger than you’ve ever dared to think or dream before.”

Michael Port

Running a business should be enjoyable and satisfying. It’s a chance to express who you are and what you like to do most, and also what you’re good at. Why not contact us to see how we can help you enjoy the process of running your own business? Email or give us a call at 01-9059436.

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